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Our journey started as a passion that our CEO Milad Eskandari had all his life. When he was 7 years old he used to record radio shows on a tape recorder and share it with his family. Throughout his school years he would always tell his friends that one day he would be on the radio. "Everybody thought it was funny and wouldn't take me serious". In 2007 he finally gave up on trying to apply to local radio stations and realized that being part of a large radio station would require him to have a connection to get in. This changed his path to his passion drastically, because now the goal had become to start his own station. Once again people wouldn't take him serious. They would continuously ask him: "Do you know how hard it is to compete with these local radio stations that have famous artists on their shows to keep their ratings going?" Milad had his mind set on the dream of starting his own radio station and did not care what others thought of his goals.

After 3 years of researching and planning the dream finally became a reality when he started a station called "Radio Frequency". Knowing that his chances of competing in this industry were slim, Milad focused on featuring local artists and djs on the station. "I figured our friends listening combined together would maybe get me about 6 or 7 listeners." Unfortunately that was easier said than done, because since it was a small sized radio station it didn't catch much traction in booking local artists. "I had a small crew that believed in this project and helped me spread the word and provide content on air that would attract listeners, to who I will forever be grateful." For a whole year Milad would work his job and focus on Radio Frequency any chance he would get. From keeping the stations playlist updated, to managing its social media and all of the marketing of the station, he refused to give up on his dream. "I would send upwards of over 100 E-Mails a day to different radio directories, begging them to list us on their directory."

All the hard work finally paid off on October 4th 2010. Exactly one year and three days from its conception, Radio Frequency was rated the worlds #1 party hit station on multiple radio directories. Milad got a second job and quickly expanded the station by setting up a studio and recruiting DJs from all over the world to host shows. Things started to look very bright and there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Artists and DJs from all over would reach out to be featured on air. The station was blooming and growing year after year, keeping its #1 spot for almost 4 years until the dream came to an end. "I felt like i just got hit by a train, all the hard work, all the blood, sweat and money I had put into this project crashed right in front of me." On September 2013 Radio Frequency was hit with a cease and desist letter from a radio station in the UK that owned the rights to the name. The settlement required the station to be shut down, and none of its social media platforms and streams to be used to promote a new name. Heartbroken and confused Milad clicked "Stop" on a server that had been entertaining listeners worldwide and set an end to a four year streak of being #1. He decided to let it go and focus on his day job. "I kept telling myself, maybe all those people who weren't taking me serious at the beginning were right. What was I thinking?!" He was never the type to give up and two of the station's DJs (ADM & Javi G) knew that. "They kept telling me, lets start a new one! You learned from your mistakes, but the drive is still there and you know you can create another one as successful if not more!" However Milad kept pushing back on their requests, not wanting to start over again.

In March 2014, six months after Radio Frequency's shut down, Milad finally gave in and put all he had learned and his passion back into building a new server, a studio and taking all legal actions necessary to avoid any problems in the future. Finally on May 1st 2014, Hits101 Radio went live. "Having the connections with all the previous radio directories, the station kicked off on the right foot and grew right from the start." It wasn't long until local artists realized that Milad had started a new station and started reaching out to be featured. In the past years since its conception, Hits101 Radio has been growing nonstop. Today the station is listened to in 93% of the world through over 200 radio directories and apps. "This station is driven by passion, love, and an amazing crew that puts in 150%  day in and day out to entertain our listeners. I may have started this journey, but it wouldn't have been possible without all of these amazing, hard working entertainers", is something he tells anyone that asks him for what his secret in running such a successful station is.



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