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The internet is the largest and most used source of searching in the world. People don't look through yellow pages to find a number, neither do research for papers at the libraries. The internet will get consumers their information requested faster than any other source. Advertising on the internet is also the most cost-effective form of advertising available, because of its electronic nature. There are virtually no costs associated with paper, ink, printing, postage or derlivery. In our case there are also no antennas, repeaters and sattelites needed to put your ad out for the world to hear and see. In these times of rising paper cost and tight budgets, Internet advertising provides a sensible way to build a marketing plan that is versatile, expandable and interactive. In a cost comparison with direct mail, displa, broadcast and print media, Internet advertising wins hands-down, giving you the most bang for your buck of any promotional endeavor. For a fraction of the cost of a small classified ad in the paper, you can run a "full ad package" color display ad and on air commercials to a worldwide audience on the internet.

WHY HITS101 Radio

There is a great cost difference between an online radio station and an FM station ad, as to where an internet radio station will spread your ad to a greater area of listeners in compared to a local station which will only advertise certain cities. You will also never be charged for satellite or antenna fees to have your advertisement on air with an internet radio station. It is much easier to broadcast your event on the air with an internet radio station rather than an FM station because all that is needed to stream from your location is a simple internet connection.

Our Services:

  • Dj Service

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Audio Visual

  • Visual Marketing

  • Collateral Design

  • Collateral Printing

  • Nightclubs

  • Special Events

  • Business Entertainment

  • Festivals


  • Street Fairs

  • Company Parties

  • On Site Broadcasting

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Weddings

  • Fashion Shows

  • School Events

  • Grand Openings

  • Special Apperances

  • And More...

Contact us for our other services. All services can be used individually or combined as a custom marketing plan. Dj Services are not required for business advertisement. Advertise your company for as low as $2 a day.

Contact us for Details.